For my BUSTY clients! Order form-fitting

For my BUSTY clients! Order form-fitting blouses and get my stylist discount by entering the codeword STYLISTSCLIENT at checkout. More colors will be available this fall, but be sure to wear a scarf or other accessories in your color palette if white is not your best neutral.

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Signature Styling Catches A Killer!

One of the most important aspects of Signature Styling is creating an image that speaks to who you are and where you’re going.  Your style must be true to your personality rather than imitating someone else or dressing in a manner that you think other people like or expect.  If you fake it, people eventually catch on and you not only lose their trust, you lose yourself.

The FBI drama series “Criminal Minds” on CBS and A&E incorporated this exact lesson into an episode I recently watched.  CR is an addictive (for me, that is) FBI drama series featuring a range of characters who each use specialized talents to help profile, track and arrest killers.  The costume department does a great job of dressing each character according to his/her personality quirks and skills.

Penelope At Her Best!

Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness, is visually the most memorable, her outrageous style is in line with her hacker mentality– unconventional, unpredictable, and able to find the humor in anything. She’s surrounded all day by multiple computers and other fun electronic gadgets, which she plays like a symphony (she calls herself Mozart) to obtain the unobtainable.  Her picture says it all.

Her co-workers are stunned when she shows up on a field assignment in a conservative suit, neatly styled hair and (gasp!) contacts.  Why?  Because she wants to try replacing her former boss, a case agent, who fit that mold. She feels that if she’s going to take on that job, she needs to look like a typical FBI agent.

It backfires.  Not only is she totally uncomfortable in her new clothes and irritating contacts, her true talents as a hacker and data analyst are overwhelmed by unfamiliar responsibilities in a workspace filled by disruptive people rather than obedient computers.  Mistakes are made, confidence is shot, and the whole case hangs on if she can get her act together.

Derek Saves The Day!

The hunky Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore, steps in and sets Penelope straight.  Lose the contacts, get back to your signature style and do what you do best.  Stop being someone you’re not. BAM!! Penelope gets her groove back and she figures out who the killer is and where he is.  Case solved thanks to Signature Styling.

Back in the real world, I worked with a client this week on creating her Signature Style. She’s a woman of seemingly contrasting interests (how many female attorneys do you know who surf?).  She felt that her first impression didn’t match up with her personality and caused confusion when meeting people.  We discussed strategies for incorporating her diversities into her style with fresh ideas that inspired her.  It was just thrilling to hear her say “For the first time, I feel like I have direction.” Who knows what cases she’ll win with that new-found direction which enables her to focus on her talents?

In both examples above, Signature Styling caught a killer– the Confidence Killer.

Learn more about Signature Styling and call me to set up a free introductory conversation.

Have a Signature Day!

Thea Wood, Signature Stylist

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Big Announcement: My AICI FLC Designatio

Big Announcement: My AICI FLC Designation is approved!

This was a major professional goal for me, as it affirms my expertise in the industry (less than 350 people world-wide are certified). Time to change all my marketing materials!!

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Socially Smart & Savvy Author Tele-Summit Series

Featuring author & stylist Thea Wood

I am celebrating the release of my new book Socially Smart & Savvy and hosting a huge virtual book launch tele-summit to which you are invited.

I am thrilled to share with you the news that I am the co-author of a new and exciting book Socially Smart & Savvy. This incredible resource will support you in creating positive changes for yourself in your life and business.

To celebrate the release of my new book, I and the other co-authors are hosting a free Socially Smart & Savvy Virtual Book Launch Tele-Summit.

This free, four-week tele-summit will take you on an amazing journey of wisdom with innovative ideas and thought-provoking information. You will discover a wealth of strategies, best practices and proven guidelines you can use immediately to create a stronger and more successful business. 

Become Socially Smart & Savvy today!

Each co-author will be interviewed on their book topic. I will be presenting on my chapter, Are You Ready For Your Close-Up?

Everyone, regardless of where you are in your business and life, will benefit from the information in this book. It will help you become socially smart and savvy in many areas and give you skills to handle a variety of social situations, from choosing the right wine to wearing the right suit to communicating powerfully. Join us for this awesome, life-changing event and leave with tools and techniques for mastering social success.

CLICK HERE to find out more and to register

We are excited about this great book Socially Smart & Savvy and the difference it can make in your life. Celebrate with us and celebrate who you are by joining us for our info-packed virtual event. Don’t miss this valuable, FREE opportunity!

Please help us spread the word about our tele-summit by sharing this email with your friends!

Become Socially Smart & Savvy!

Thea Wood, AICI, MBA

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‘Project Accessory’ mentor talks style

‘Project Accessory’ mentor talks style at Lake Austin Spa

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Your Revolution Is Right Here!

ABC's new makeover show

ABC aired its first pilot of “The Revolution” January 16th for a week-long makeover mini-series that may or may not turn into a daily show.  With big names like Ty Pennington and Tim Gunn, you’d expect an eager and smitten audience (including those who record for later viewing).

Sadly, it was met with Neilsen ratings of 1.9, compared to the 2.4 rating that One Life To Live pulled in the same time slot.  Some critics say the information is “um-duh” in value, and I felt that way at times, myself. Many speculate that the OLTL audience boycotted the show in efforts to bring back their beloved soap.  Change is hard, and that’s why I like the message and content of The Revolution– and beseech viewers to give it a chance.

The Revolution’s mission revolves around a deserving woman’s 5-month makeover with the aid of a full suite of health and style experts.  In between the featured makeover segments, experts provide viewers tips on nutrition, fitness, style, and lifestyle that will help them improve their lives.  What it lacks, by nature of TV, is a sense of personalization.  “How does this pertain to me?”

My Signature Style Program makes it about YOU– your own revolution, if you will.  With great care and confidentiality, I work with you as a partner in learning to embrace who you are on the inside and out, and creating a style that helps you get what you want out of life.

It’s not about being trendy or living up to the media’s narrow standard of “beauty” or obsession with youth.  Rather, it’s about finding your own voice and visually sending a message of who you are with grace and dignity.  With the help of my health and beauty expert circle, great change can be accomplished so you look and feel more confident.  I can’t think of anything more attractive or motivating!

Call 512.217.9869 or email me for a free introductory consultation.  Your own revolution is right here, right now.

Have a Signature Day!

Thea Wood, Signature Stylist

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Fabricker aims to fill the high-end fabr

Fabricker aims to fill the high-end fabric niche. Buy some fabric and then slip into The Grande (next door) and play a few games of pool.

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