Winter Warm-ups — How To Wear Wraps/Ponchos & Boots This Season

Winter is just about here and you can tell because Austin day temps are in the 60 and 70 degree range.  That’s 30-40 degrees cooler than what our thin skin and blood are accustomed!

So it’s time to talk about two trends that fit the season and our local weather. I’ve included guidelines for different body types to help you make informed buying decisions.  If you’d like a more personalized consultation, contact me at or post at

It’s A Wrap!

2011 wraps, ponchos and capes are a far cry from your grandmother’s old shawl.  Wool is perfect for this time of year, and you can add hats, scarves and gloves when a cold front visits.

$33 At Nordstrom

If you’re top heavy, be sure the texture and/or print hangs vertically or diagonally down the back and front and opt for dark, rich colors.

$325 Nordstrom

If you’re bottom heavy, go for light or bright colors (winter whites are sophisticated and sexy!) and be sure the wrap doesn’t form a horizontal hem line across your widest section such as your hips or thighs. Diagonal cuts are flattering and elongate.

Try a belt with it like this Macy’s Bar III wrap for $169.

Boot Camp

We’re no stranger to boots in cowboy country.  Right now, they’re an integral part of your winter uniform and keep below-the-knee hemlines from looking dowdy.

Boots $95.20 @ Macy's

Long Legs: From booties to above the knee, you’ve got options. Skinny jeans with knee-high riding boots are super hot right now. If your derriere is a bit wider, choose dark denim and a light color boot to balance out the visual like Jessica Simpson sports. Whether you wear boots inside or outside the slacks, heel heights can vary depending on your mood and the occasion. With mid-calf skirts, choose a design that is edgy and modern– go for rock-n-roll or military embellishments. Slouchy boots or anything too fem will come off as matronly and 1980’s — but not in a cool retro way.

Monchromatic color choices elongate the leg.

Short Legs: This is trickier, because boots add another horizontal line across your legs, making them appear shorter.  With skirts, wear knee-high boots that blend with your skin or skirt fabric– adding a tight that matches one or the other for more elongation. A hemline that hits just below the kneecap when standing works well. A 2+ inch heel height adds to the leg length.  If you love ankle or floor-length skirts, no problem! Just keep the boot heel height low enough so the skirt doesn’t go above the ankle. Jeggings + boots are a no-no if you’re bottom heavy, but you can get away with it for top-heavy if the jeans and boots are fairly monochromatic. In general, wear boots on the inside of your straight leg, boot-cut or trouser pants.  Any boot length will do, but a little heel height goes a long way. You can experiment with mid-calf skirt lengths and boots (no booties!), but be warned:  the combination can result in a very bottom heavy look.

I hope you found these tips helpful in refining your Signature Style!


Thea Wood

Austin’s Signature Stylist


About Thea Wood

I'm a professional image consultant who styles men and women in Austin, Texas. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or looking for Miss or Mr. Right, my services will help you create a remarkable first impression that gets results. This blog is a way to provide free tips and fun information about timeless style and things you can do to create your own signature style and increase your confidence. If you'd like to talk in person, please call me at 512.217.9869 to schedule a free consultation.
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One Response to Winter Warm-ups — How To Wear Wraps/Ponchos & Boots This Season

  1. Christine Tusa says:

    Thank you for the boots for short gals tips!! Tights with boots under the skirt- who knew!! As always, you are helpful!!

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