The Most Selfish Woman in America Lives In Austin!

I met Christia Sale at the Austin Woman Magazine Anniversary event a few weeks ago.  She was hard to miss– she AND her booth were completely adorned in leopard print to match the cover of her book The Most Selfish Woman in America.

Author & Selfish Woman Christia Sale

Christia has an undeniably strong presence, which is why it’s hard to believe that she spent 17 years in an unhappy marriage where she always put her needs last. Her book speaks to her epiphany for a change and how she survived a rough marriage and even rougher divorce.

Christia kindly answered a few questions for us. I hope you enjoy them and are inspired to read the book if you find yourself needing to be, well, a bit more selfish!

Q:  What made you decide to write a book?And how did you choose the title?
A:  I wrote this book from my own journey through recovery and positive reinvention after my divorce. Friends told me that I needed to share what I was learning during that process. The book title is my last laugh, I guess. After being accused of being selfish for so many years, it was my way of turning the phrase into a positive. The word Selfish is an acronym for a positive reinvention after divorce.
Q: How does your family feel about you “airing dirty laundry” in such a public forum?
A:  They don’t think I am. I am not talking about “how” I got to the point of divorce. I am just taking the reader from that point of being divorced forward. We all have our own story on how we got here, but it is where you take it from there that really matters.
Q:  Do you believe your emotional state affects your outward appearance?
A:  Of course it does. It is hard not to show your internal feelings on your face. That is why it is so important to heal from within, through your lifestyle, food intake, attention to your spiritual and emotional needs, your intellectual needs and your need for self-love.
Q:  You talk of acceptance regarding aging. Why do you think many women are afraid to age?
A:  Because society won’t let us age gracefully. But things are getting better. Older women are coming to the forefront of entertainment, political and business world. They are making a statement for intelligence, wisdom and beauty.
Q:  What advice do you have for women getting married?
A:  Don’t expect for someone else to complete you, or make you happy. That is too much to ask of anyone. That special someone should complement you, not complete you.

Q:  Whether she’s married, separated or divorced, what is a woman’s first step toward reclaiming herself?

A:  Becoming a Selfish Woman. Starting to put herself first. Being true to the woman she always dreamed of being. Life is too short to not be happy. And now is your time! It is all in your control.
Q: Will you be appearing in Austin soon? Our readers would like to know when/where they can see you and learn more.
A: So many events are coming down the pipeline that you can go to and events and appearances will be posted there as they happen.   You can also get show notes from the radio show, access new products coming out and buy the book.  I hope your readers will tap into this resource to guide them to a happier life! Cheers!


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  1. Christia says:

    Great Job, Thea. Thank you for such a complimentary post.

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