Two Days with Stacy London & Style For Hire

Stacy London of TLC's What Not To Wear

Let me start by saying that Stacy London doesn’t disappoint.  The TLC star of “What Not To Wear” packed a week’s worth of learning into her two-day Style For Hire workshop and graced us with some relevant and inspiring fashion experts.

Stylists came from all over the United States, Canada and even Australia. We discussed techniques for dressing different body types, tailoring, the importance of integrating textures and prints,  and how to communicate with clients so styling becomes a collaborative process with optimal results.

My Alexis Bittar earrings from Julian Gold

Her guest speakers wowed the crowd.  Alexis Bittar is a jeweler who has worked with personas ranging from Lady Gaga to Michelle O’Bama.  He started as a street vendor with a mission to keep his lucite jewelry affordable to women of all ages, backgrounds and economic status. He stayed true to his vision, and it’s paying off.  His new spokesperson Lauren Hutton is indicative of the confidence and beauty he wants women to feel wearing his jewelry. I have a pair of his earrings from Julian Gold and LOVE them.

Color expert Leatrice Eiseman

Being a color analyst, I was thrilled with color expert, author and Pantone’s lead consultant Leatrice Eiseman.   This is the woman who tells you what colors you’re going to like in two years.  She spoke to us of her approach to color analysis. She believes each of us falls mainly into one of three categories: sunset, sunrise or sunlight. She also thinks of green as a neutral color, since Mather Nature mixes green into every garden. So feel free to mix any of your colors with green! I loved her tips on choosing eye make-up colors.

Bliss Lau's Art Deco Wright belt worn around the neck

Bliss Lau showed us the evolution of her innovative and shape-shifting body jewelry that can be worn in multiple ways. This is cutting edge, wearable art, but it can also be worn in a subtle way– even under your garments like Stacy does. My favorite is the Art Deco Wright Belt (shown here around the neck, $349).

Lynne Reynolds Notori consultant and Dana-Co representative talked about the elusive concept of bra-fitting.  Yes, ladies. We all know how difficult it is.  Most women are wearing the wrong size bra; so if your back hurts, you’re getting shoulder indents, or your bra is acting up in other ways, let’s talk some more.

What’s really special about this workshop is how hands-on Stacy is throughout.  Many celebrities give intros and sign autographs before leaving it to a staff to conduct. Stacy talked throughout both days and participated in styling critiques for everyone.

She even prompted the audience to ask “any questions” they wished and opened up about her insecurities as a young woman and how she learned to overcome them. Stacy allowed herself to be surprisingly vulnerable– which enabled all of us to relate to her on a level that was unexpected and genuine.

I especially appreciated what she had to say about personal styling as a profession: “Stylists, in spite of Skype and technology, are NOT going to go away.” It’s impossible to have rules that apply to everyone, so in-person evaluations are essential to consider your unique nuances.

Since you’ve managed to read this entire post, I’ll share some news! Stacy is producing an  upcoming show for Plus Size Fashion & Style. I’m definitely recording every episode.  This and her Style For Hire network are part of her mission to make great style accessible to everyone.  Amen, sister!


Thea Wood, Austin’s Signature Stylist


About Thea Wood

I'm a professional image consultant who styles men and women in Austin, Texas. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or looking for Miss or Mr. Right, my services will help you create a remarkable first impression that gets results. This blog is a way to provide free tips and fun information about timeless style and things you can do to create your own signature style and increase your confidence. If you'd like to talk in person, please call me at 512.217.9869 to schedule a free consultation.
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3 Responses to Two Days with Stacy London & Style For Hire

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  2. Shannon Mc. says:

    I hope I hear about the new Plus Size Fashion & Style show when it hits. Sounds like you had a very productive workshop with Stacy London. Congrats! I am going shopping soon and will be keeping in mind the clothing choices you spelled out for me in my analysis. Thank you, Thea!

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