Island Fever in Austin

Designers would have you believe that dressing fashionable is a luxury that will cost you a couple of paychecks.  Here are a few examples of this summer’s “it” accessories with prices as seen in the style magus:

$495 John Hardy, Saks Fifth Avenue

$795 Longhorn Belt, Neiman Marcus
$85, Etsy Tagua Nut Necklace
$1,500 Proenza Baha Pullover
$295, Tory Burch Straw Tote
$180 Bracelet, Metal Pointu’s

Total: $3350

If paying these prices is within your means, then go for it!  If not, never fear.  Austinites can find major savings while shopping for comparable gear. Island and tribal looks are seasonally appropriate and what fashion editors are currently drooling over.  I visited a few stores that were little fashion meccas.

Thousand Villages
1317 S. Congress Avenue, 

This boutique is as eco-friendly and trade conscious as it gets.  The prices are VERY reasonable (especially given their prime locale) and the cashier can give you a detailed background on each item’s origin and materials.  I also want to plug the Austin Fair Trade Film Festival tomorrow (Saturday) at the South Alamo Drafthouse. Just think, you can contribute to world peace by purchasing a chic accessory and catching a movie!!  Here are some of their gems:

$54 Indonesian woven handbag

$34 Tagua Nut Necklace & Earrings

$20 Mutuba tree bark hat



Total: $ 108

Tesoros Trading Co.
1500 S Congress Ave.

Brace yourself upon entering this establishment, which has all the flair and traffic of a street market.  Thankfully it’s air conditioned and flows pretty well.  The selection is totally worthy of a spin through the store.


$9 Guatemalan scarves

$30 or less straw totes
$24 Haitian Horn Bracelet
$28 Straw Hats

Total: $91

World Market
 Three addresses in Austin

Yes, a “big box” has entered the picture. The savings and on-trend fashions are there, so you must give it a chance. I found a number of cute items and took photos of these:

Under $30 Navy Straw Tote

$30 and under nut and shell necklaces
$9 gold tribal earrings

Total: $69

There are dozens of other funky stores with tribal and island apparel to discover, like

Oat Willie’s (a head shop on campus but loaded with Baha clothes & jewelry)

T Kennedy Shop (12th & Lamar)

The Khazana (9th & Lamar)

Ecowise (South Austin)

Add your favorites to the list!  And if you have time and find my blog helpful and/or entertaining, please “Like” my Facebook Page and you’ll get a post whenever there’s an update. Great way to avoid email clutter but still stay in touch.

Style Talks!

— Thea


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  2. Kay Owens says:

    I found your blob very informative…thanks

    • Thea Wood says:

      I’m so glad you enjoy it. Please subscribe and send to anyone who might benefit and contact me any time you have questions. I’m always here to help!!


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