NYC Trends That Are Austin Chic

Austin Chic is a very subjective term, as demonstrated at the Austin City Limits premiere featuring the Steve Miller Band last month.  The dress code indicated Austin Chic, and we saw everything from a woman adorning a creamy rich Chloe-esque ensemble to men in cargo shorts and logo’d t-shirts baring colorful, extensive tattoo artistry that undoubtedly cost more than the Chloe lady’s calf hair tote.

This diversity is exciting and unpredictable, but not always compatible with fashion mecca New York City’s trends.  Weather has a lot to do with it– fur coats are more practical when winter temps hover around 30 degrees.  But, it’s also the more laid-back approach Austinites have toward everything, from office dress codes to Barton Springs sun bathing.

For this spring, let’s highlight a few hot NYC trends that work with Austin Chic and will shine in any city you may visit for 2011.

Sheer Tops

The sheer genius of it!  Feminine, layered (sometimes with lace) and daring.  Not to mention it’s wearable during A-town’s smoldering summer days.

The trick with pulling off sheer clothing is making it appropriate for the occasion.

Sheer in the office

Career:  Long sleeves, a conservative neckline and a matching camisole are best for daytime/professional environments.  Throw a light-weight blazer on for an even more low-key but stylish look if temperature permits.

$55 at


Cool and Casual Sheer Tunic from Sax Fifth Avenue

Afternoon/Casual Fun:  Camisole’s are always an option, but you can be more daring depending on your destination.  Tunics are excellent for most occasions. I also like that a sheer tunic can double as a bathing suit cover!

$228 Saks Fifth Avenue



Super Sexy

Evening/Dancing:  The va-va-voom factor kicks in!  Beware:  too much skin comes off as trashy, not classy.  So if you’re wearing a smokin’ hot top with a sexy bra or cami, keep the pants and skirts demure.  And if you’re showing mid-rift, make sure you have the tummy for it and that it’s age appropriate. In doubt?  Throw on a cami underneath!

$174 Nordstrom

Sheer with a small floral pattern

$138 Neiman Marcus





Great as a swimsuit cover up, too!

$99 Macy’s





Men’s Jewelry

This trend is SO Austin, that I was shocked to read about it in NY Magazine first.  Austinistas are brilliant with large, statement jewelry, so donning men’s jewelry just seems natural.  Pair it with feminine fabrics and designs for the perfect balance. I think men should venture out more into this realm as well, so try it out guys.  Don’t be afraid!

Wear it on a chain!

One of my favorite men’s jewelry designers in Stephen Webster.  Solid, colorful, textured, cool all the way around.

Native American jewelry made for men, worn by women.  Easy.  Mix and match with your other native pieces.  The Turquoise Trading Post is a great local merchant.


How about some biker bling?


$50 at Shop & Win






Urban Cowboy

Ralph Lauren.  This native New Yorker is having a notable love affair with Western designs and accessories.  Austin is obviously way ahead of the curve on this look, but you might be surprised to learn that BIG, rodeo-friendly belt buckles are dazzling the NYC crowds.  If belts are for you, then polish up your buckles and hop on the bandwagon. BTW, the Ralph Lauren spring menswear collection is looking very Euro resort wear (white, slim-fitting suits with paisley ties and bare feet).  What a pity not to stay with the Texan theme!

See Ralph Lauren’s Runway Show at

Just like the "runway" version!

$60 Cavender’s Boot City





Great for the rodeo!

$39 Sheplers




Want to develop a signature style but aren’t sure where to start?  Call me for a free consultation. We’ll talk about your goals and a program that works for you.  512.217.9869 or

Happy Spring!

Thea Wood




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I'm a professional image consultant who styles men and women in Austin, Texas. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or looking for Miss or Mr. Right, my services will help you create a remarkable first impression that gets results. This blog is a way to provide free tips and fun information about timeless style and things you can do to create your own signature style and increase your confidence. If you'd like to talk in person, please call me at 512.217.9869 to schedule a free consultation.
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