2011 Resolution: Be Myself!

For 2011, my New Year’s resolution is different than any other I’ve set out to do: Be Myself.  The U.S. Government lists common new year’s resolutions with links to information and resources.  Look familiar?  They do to me, and rarely do I come close to hitting them.

This year, I’m trying something that’s not on those lists but is most important to my inner peace, try being myself! That probably means something different for everyone  Here are some ideas of how I will try to fearlessly be myself in 2011.

1.  Love My Body!  With on-

Click to see Celebs Before & After -- Do they look better now?

going insomnia and knee injuries that preclude me from running and weight training, I’ve become discouraged and less confident in my appearance.

In 2011, I’ll eat foods that love me.  I learned this week that many of my physical and emotional blocks may be attributed to toxin build-up.  The 14 Day Herbal Cleanse by Laurel Vukovic asks the right questions and gives a flexible regiment to detox my system and regain chemical balance. Meanwhile, I won’t compare my body or face to Demi Moore or Angelina Jolie. I’ll wear clothes that fit me properly and accentuate my assets without complaining about what my body SHOULD look like. My husband says I’m beautiful, and his opinion is much more important than any fashion magazine.

2.  Embrace My Unique Style.  We’re all taught to embrace our unique personality traits,

Johnny's signature fedora, glasses and goatee. Click for more pix.

but media brainwash us into believing that a certain style or trend is a must-have or you’ll be a loser.  It’s a very effective sales strategy but murder on your self-esteem and bank account. Our quirks and tastes make us stand out in a crowd.  What if Lady Gaga dressed in jeans and t-shirts? There’s so much we can say about Cher, Johnny Depp, Michelle Obama.  My style *IS* my signature look, and it fits who I am and who I want to be. I resolve to only purchase fashionable items that fit my style and that fill a hole in my wardrobe.



3. Be Confident in Social Situations.  Austin is a big party scene, it’s simply part of the culture.  But why would we

Binge = Drinking more than four alcoholic beverages

have to drink to be interesting or entertaining?  Or do we drink to make OTHER people more interesting and entertaining?  To prove to myself that I’m good company in the most sober of states, I’m refraining from alcohol and keeping a log of all my adventures.  BTW, my family and friends aren’t expected to ride this wagon with me. This is my own journey.


So, there’s my strategy to be myself.  For those of you who have your own resolutions, I salute and support you!  If you need my assistance in any way, please contact me.  Happy New Year!


About Thea Wood

I'm a professional image consultant who styles men and women in Austin, Texas. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or looking for Miss or Mr. Right, my services will help you create a remarkable first impression that gets results. This blog is a way to provide free tips and fun information about timeless style and things you can do to create your own signature style and increase your confidence. If you'd like to talk in person, please call me at 512.217.9869 to schedule a free consultation.
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